We are Edward & Rebecca Addy.
Welcome to our 2022-23 Travel Adventure & Photos.

Me, my sister Jody and my wife Becky.          Our 2009 Impala and our 2003 Winnebago.

In April 2022, this year, we sold our home on northern Minnesota's Iron Range, baught our 30ft RV on May 6th and are now traveling around the USA. Eventually planning to end up near Quartsite, Arizona to spend the winter in a warmer location.

May, June, July
We bought our RV and moved into it on June 15th and parked it at my brother Bills from June 15th until the 25th when we moved it over to my parents yard in Gilbert, MN. We spent the 4th of July holiday there and on the 12th we took it back over to Bill's, who lives and has some land in the country outside of Gilbert.

On the 1st we headed to Becky's family reunion in Grand Rapids, MN. On the 12th I headed to the 50th aniversery of my high school graduation, while Becky took the Impala to the Twin Cities to visit family and attend a baby shower for her niece's. We then met back up in Motley, MN. There we met some friends Cathy and Dave and ended up spending about 2 weeks at their places near Staples, MN. Being as Becky had jury duty in Virginia, MN for the month of August we could not leave on our adventure until September, so we stayed at Uncle Bernies Campground & RV Park in Motley until we were able to leave.