Proactive Quality Control Services

Welcome To Proactive Quality Control Services!

At Proactive Quality Control Services we work with commercial and governmental entities that are proactive in making sure that their facilities are clean, well maintained, are staffed properly and maintain the highest quality of food handling and facility hygiene levels. They do this to ensure their users always have a positive experience at each of their facilities.

Proactive Quality Control Services providing high quality, professional, random, facility inspection services as part of our clients Food Handling, Consumer Safety and Quality Control Programs. Our service area includes the entire United States & Canada.

Who do we serve.
Proactive Quality Control Services works with;
Casual Dining Restaurants,
Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs),
Hotels & Motels,
Nursing Homes
Fitness Centers

What do we inspect.
Some of the areas we inspect and record for our clients are;
Temperatures (food cooking & storage)
Staff / Guest Interactions
Preparation & Service Times
Facility Photo Records
Hygiene (microbial ATP)
food storage, food handling,
public areas & equipment,
bathrooms & showers.

Who uses our services?
We keep our client information confidential. It is up to each client to decide if they wish to inform the public they are using our services to help ensure your safety and satisfaction. For those wishing to announce they use our services, they may do so. We also have several copy write images that can be used on their websites, with written permission from this company.

The "Proactive QCS" image indicates that they are an active client.

The "Proactive QCS PASS" indicates they are using our microbial ATP Hygiene testing services, have been inspected and have PASSED all of the Microbial ATP tests.

The public does care about hygiene!
Here are powerful news stories that deal with the cleanliness, maintenance and hygiene of businesses that deal with the public. We work with our clients to help them keep from getting this type of super negative media attention. Don't let this happen to your business.
Aired 2012 & 2013 - CBC Marketplace news story The Dirt on Hotels (Part 1)
Aired 2012 & 2013 - CBC Marketplace news story The Dirt on Hotels (Part 2)